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  • 20Kg Make to Order Service by Avace adopted by Retail Industry

    20kg make to order Service delivery in four days….

    Avace latest service innovation has enabled the Retail industry  to adopt the 20Kg make to order service for all non stock colours including NCS, RAL Design, Pantone and less popular RAL and BS colours. It is no longer necessary to order large quantities of powder to access these new colours, Avace will colour match, manufacture and deliver one box of powder in four days to any location throughout the UK. The 20Kg make to order service is also available for corporate colours, simply send your colour standard to Avace and we will colour match and return your standard with 20Kg of powder in four days.

    The Retail industry is experiencing rapid growth due to major brands expanding their portfolio of sites and refurbishing their existing locations. Specifiers are selecting new colours from the RAL Design range as well as existing colours from the NCS and Pantone Ranges. Colours like NCS 2010 Y 10R can be colour matched in architectural polyester gloss, semigloss or matt using the 20Kg make to order service. All the new colours can be viewed on this impressive site displays the colours in numerical order giving the colour values for each shade and even makes recommendations on the nearest matches between colour ranges. Every colour shade possible can be manufactured by Avace, for more information go to high performance powder coatings.

    Avace manufactures a broad range of powder coatings platforms including Zinc Rich Epoxy primers for anticorrosion protection of steel structures, antigassing polyesters for galvanised steel and Architectural polyesters for aluminium fabrications. Architectural polyester metallics are also available including natural anodised effects.

    Avace is a major supplier to the Sign manufacturing and Retail sectors and has colour matched colours for Morrisons, Asda, KFC, Matalan, Next and BP. The ability to colour match, manufacture and deliver 20 Kg of any colour in a high quality powder coating finish has enabled this sector to bring colour to our high streets, restaurants and retail parks. To order online simply go to make to order  or e mail you order to and you will receive an immediate order confirmation.

    20kg make to order service

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  • Marine Paints range launched with free delivery throughout the UK

    Marine Paints now available online for next day delivery…..

    Avace has added a new range to compliment our Maintenance and Protective Coatings product ranges. Avace manufactures a complete range of fast air drying primer finishes, two pack epoxy and two pack polyurethane paints for use when maintaining existing systems or for new construction projects. The new Marine Paints are available for application to Steel, Aluminium, GRP and wooden boats. To assist our customers in selecting the best system for applications above or below the water line, Avace has created an easy specification guide for each scenario. For more information go to Marine Paints.

    Avace is a leading supplier of powder , protective and now Marine Paints. The business continues to expand through high quality products, competitive prices and the high level of service provided to our customers. Orders can be placed up to 4pm for free delivery next working day throughout the United Kingdom.

    Avace Marine Paints are formulated for a range of applications. Air drying primer finishes such as Conseal TU may be applied as a maintenance system on to aged existing coatings or exposed steel. Touch dry in twenty minutes they are an ideal solution for rapid maintenance of superstructures, deck and topsides. The resultant finish provides a durable acrylic finish with good colour and gloss retention.

    Jotamastic paints can be applied above or below the water line. Jotamastic are surface tolerant epoxies which can be applied onto hand prepared steel or aged existing coatings without the need for blast cleaning. Above the water line they may be over coated with Hardtop two pack polyurethanes for excellent colour and gloss retention ideal for aggressive marine environments.

    Seaforce antifoulings are available for professional boat builders for a variety of sea water conditions and with a range of service life and dry docking intervals. Vinyguard Silvergrey is an ideal sealer tiecoat for application onto unknown sound existing systems prior to the application of the preferred antifouling system.

    To order Marine Paints online go to or e mail your enquiry to where we will provide an immediate response to your enquiry.

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  • Pantone Powders colour matched, produced and supplied in four days

    Architectural Approved Applicators specify Pantone Powders….

    Pantone Powders are now being specified by Architects for the protection and decoration of architectural aluminium fabrications on new construction projects throughout the UK.

    Architects continue to explore new colour dimensions for their projects to bring value, style and expression to building fascades. They are often restricted on their choice of colour as the architectural polyester coating colours are not available from stock and have large minimum order requirements and long delivery times.

    Pantone Powders offer a comprehensive range of bright colour tones which bring buildings to life, colours like Pantone 202c. Pantone 202c is a rich burgundy colour which is available in architectural polyester gloss, semigloss and matt. Avace now colour matches, manufactures and supplies Pantone Powders , colours like Pantone 202c in single box quantities, manufactured and delivered in four working days.

    This new service innovation is not limited to small batch bespoke Pantone Powders. Avace will match NCS, RAL Design and other non stock corporate colours in Architectural polyester gloss, semigloss and matt powder finishes delvered in a minimum order quantity of 20kg in four days. Follow the link for more information on Avace high performance powder coatings.

    Architectural approved applicators including Powdertech, C&0, Birmingham Powder Coatings, LBL and APC all benefit from this unique custom colour service. The ability to order only 20kg in any colour or finish and have the powder delivered in four days is a major benefit to approved applicators and their customers. For more information on bespoke powder coatings go to make to order colours.

    Avace is a high quality high service provider to UK manufacturing industry. Delivering high quality powders, competitive prices and world class levels of customer service to powder coaters throughout the UK.

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  • Heat Resistant Paints for Extreme Cyclic Temperatures | Avace

    Heat Resistant Paints Jotatemp 650 withstands Cryogenic to 650c Temperature Shock.......

    Heat Resistant Paints from Avace  protect steel pipes and process equipment from corrosion and extremes of temperature. Heat Resistant Paints from Avace are used across a diverse range of industries and applications. The most aggressive conditions are those experienced protecting insulated and none insulated carbon and stainless steel pipes or process equipment where dry operating surface temperatures range from cryogenic to above 650c . Jotatemp 650 is a high build inert multipolymeric coating designed to provide corrosion protection of steel structures exposed to extreme high and extreme low temperatures. Jotatemp 650  may also be applied onto hot surfaces  up to 260c, it is particularly suited on process equipment which may be shut down for significant periods prior to been fired up and elevated to high operating temperatures. Jotatemp 650 is the ultimate protective coating for price and availability go to Jotatemp 650.

    Heat Resistant Paints such as Solavlit from Avace are available applied as an air drying, fast drying, thin protective film. Solvalit is a silicone acrylic topcoat available in a range of colours in a matt finish, applied at low film thickness, it is capable of resisting temperatures up to 600c. For more information on product availability and price go to Solvalit.

    Epoxy HR from Avace should be specified for the corrosion protection of steel pipes and process equipment, both exposed or under insulation, where operating temperatures of 200c are experienced.  Epoxy HR  is a two pack high solids epoxy phenolic system which may be applied  up to two hundred microns by airless spray in a single coat.  For more information on product availability and price go to Epoxy HR.

    Heat Resistant Paints are specified on steel pipes, generators and process vessels within the chemical and petrochemical industry, engine rooms and marine boiler housings. Avace manufactures a complete range of Jotun protective and marine coatings.

    All Avace High Temperature paints may be ordered online or simply call Avace customer service on 01384 400355 to place your order for free delivery throughout the UK.

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  • Two Pack Epoxy Marine Paints Reduce Corrosion and Impact Damage……

    Two Pack Epoxy Jotamastic  Marine Paints offer Excellent Protection….

    Two pack Epoxy Marine Paints are high performance paints providing excellent adhesion, water and abrasion resistance. They are an important building block in most marine high performance paint systems. Surface tolerant Two pack Epoxy mastics are flexible coatings with excellent wetting properties, forming strong adhesive bonds to steel and may even be applied direct to hand prepared steel where abrasive blast cleaning may not be possible. They are ideal as a high build primer in both immersed and exposed conditions. In immersed conditions Jotamastic 90 aluminium overcoated with Jotamastic 90, available in a broad range of colours, is an ideal two coat system for below the water line. For the superstructure and topsides the Jotamastic epoxy system can be finished with a topcoat of Hardtop two pack polyurethane to provide excellent UV resistance , colour and gloss retention. Click on Jotamastic for more information on the full range of surface tolerant epoxies or go to Marine Paints for system recommendations above and below the water line.

    Two pack Epoxy primers may be enhanced with zinc metal dust or zinc phosphate anticorrosive pigments to produce high build anticorrosion primers to protect steel in corrosive industrial and marine environments. Barrier Two pack Epoxies offer excellent corrosion resistance in extreme exposed environments and are the preferred primer in many Norsok approved systems for the offshore oil and gas industry. Penguard Two pack Epoxies are fast drying primers and intermediates, they can be overcoated within two hours and are excellent coatings where rapid handling and overcoating times are required, ideal for steel fabricators seeking high productivity.

    Two pack Epoxy paints may also be used to provide adhesion to non metallic surfaces such as plastics and concrete. The Jotafloor range of two pack epoxies are recommended as durable, hard wearing floor coatings for production facilities, food and chemical processing plants. Resistant to chemical spillage, steam cleaning and regular fork lift traffic, Jotafloor two pack epoxies are also available in solvent free systems in a broad range of colours. You may wish to read a recent blog on Epoxy Concrete Sealers to see how these types of coatings are used in the maintenance of concrete floors.

    Avace is a leading supplier of Jotun Marine and Protective coatings, orders may be placed online or call Avace on 01384 400355 for friendly advice on the best systems to meet with your requirements.



  • RAL Design 220 30 25 Small Batch Powder Service from Avace....

    RAL Design 220 30 25 20, twenty kilos of powder available in four days from Avace .....

    Avace is leading the UK powder market offering new colours like RAL Design 220 30 25, colour matched and delivered to the customer in four days. In special circumstances the delivery has been even faster to create greater recognition in terms of service excellence for our customers. The RAL K7 classic range, available in polyester powder, has successfully served the architectural aluminium market for over four decades, offering a wide choice of colour to specifiers. Architects are always looking for new colour concepts to bring life to their projects. RAL Design 220 30 25 is one colour in a new exciting range of finishes which are now available to architects and specifiers. The RAL Design range offers a much broader range of colour choice with subtle changes in tone as the range transitions through colours like RAL Design 000 15 00 Slate Grey to RAL Design 360 92 05 Lilac. Having selected the desired colour for each project architects are faced with a major challenge to source these new colours as they are not normally available from stock and most suppliers have large minimum order quantities with long lead times. Avace has tackled this major issue by offering a new innovation in small batch powder manufacture, select a colour like RAL Design 220 30 25 Mustard yellow and Avace will deliver 20kgs custom made in four days.

    Now architects and designers can specify in confidence knowing any colour selected will be delivered within days by Avace in any quantity to approved applicators throughout the country. Each RAL Design colour is available in architectural polyester gloss, semigloss and matt. For more details about this service visit

    This new service offer is not limited to RAL Design colours, Avace will match any colour in any type of powder and deliver just twenty kilos in four days. Pantone powders, NCS powders and even powders matched to leading decorative paint colours from Farrow and Ball or Dulux can be manufactured.

    Many approved architectural applicators, sign manufacturers and precision engineering companies are now using the service. Order quantities have been falling for many fabricators as the market fragments, the ability to win many lucrative orders by providing customers with precisely what they require is a major benefit. For more information call our customer service team on 01384 400355, or to explore our range of high performance powders visit high performance powders.

    ral design 220 RAL Design Range

  • Competitive Polyurethane Marine Paints High Gloss Fast Drying Colours

    Competitive Polyurethane Marine Paints reflecting a range of Colours and Applications…

     Competitive Polyurethane Marine Paints are now available for free next day delivery to boat marinas throughout the UK. Dry docks, boat marinas and slipways can now take advantage of this service ordering paints online for free delivery direct to their maintenance yards. Avace manufactures and supplies Competitive Polyurethane Marine Paints in a range of gloss levels from matt finish to high gloss each with unique application characteristics. The Hardtop range of Polyurethane Marine Paints are developed by Jotun Paints the global leader for marine and protective coatings. The Hardtop Polyurethane products are available in an extensive range of British Standard and RAL colours, many other marine colours are also available. For information on Competitive Polyurethane Marines Paints or to select your preferred colour go to Hardtop.

    If your requirements are for a high gloss finish applied by brush, roller or spray Hardtop XP offers the best all round performance, lowest prices and ease of application. For faster drying and overcoating time Hardtop AX is a high gloss alternative. Hardtop CA is a two pack acrylic high gloss polyurethane which is Isocyanate free. Hardtop HB is a Polyurethane Marine Paint with a matt finish it is used regularly in the construction sector where a high performance exterior grade topcoat is required to blend in with other architectural building products such as polyester coated aluminium fabrications and stone window fascias and soffits. In C3 and C4 environments Hardtop Flexi is a unique primer finish polyurethane which may be used direct to metal as a one coat system, it may also be used as a topcoat in a multcoat system in  C5 M environments. The ultimate in exterior performance, chemical and mechanical resistance is Hardtop Optima. Based on high performance Polysiloxane resin,s Hardtop Optima is easy to apply by brush roller or spray, is Isocyanate free and produces an excellent high gloss durable finish. A single pack version is now available, contact our customer service team on 01384 400355 or e mail

    Avace is a leading supplier of Powder coatings and Marine Paints based in Kingswinford in the West Midlands. Orders can be placed up to 4pm for same day collection or free delivery next working day. A broad range of primers, intermediates, topcoats and antifoulings are available for application onto wood, GRP, Aluminium or Steel hulls. For more information on Marine Paints or to see our recommended paint specifications for each application read more at Marine Paint Specifications.

    Competitive Polyurethane Marine Paints Hardtop Polyurethane Paints

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  • Small Batch NCS Powder Service in Fast Track by Avace

    Fast Track Small Batch NCS Powder Service from AVACE …..

    small batch ncs powder NCS 5005 G 50Y

    A new service innovation is now available from Avace, a Fast Track Small Batch NCS Powder service, minimum order quantity 20kgs, colour matched, manufactured and delivered in four working days. Colours such as NCS, RAL Design and Pantone are not normally available as stock products. Although they are popular with designers and specifiers, applicators experience difficulties in purchasing  small quantities in the time required. Avace new Fast Track Small Batch NCS Powder  service eliminates this concern, customers can now order 20kgs of any NCS colour in any type of polyester powder or gloss level and receive free delivery in four working days.

    The NCS range originates from Scandanavia and utilises a colour axis to represent changes in tone from one colour band to another. It delivers a huge selection of colours which can compliment each other for beautiful effects. Colours like NCS 5005 G 50Y and NCS 0502Y are now available through the Fast Track Small Batch NCS Powder service in 20kg quantities in architectural polyester gloss, semigloss and matt. Powders may be ordered online at Make to Order or if your colour is not listed due to the unlimited choice, simply call Avace on 01384 400355 we will process your colour requirements within five minutes.

    The new small batch powder service is not limited to NCS colours. RAL Design , RAL Classic, BS4800 and BS381c colours can also be matched in any of Avace powder platforms. We can also custom colour match to your own standards, simply send Avace your colour swatch or sample and we will match your standard returning the original sample and matched powder in four working days.

    Avace is a leading manufacturer and supplier of powder coatings, marine and protective coatings. For more information on our high performance powder coatings follow Powder Performance. For fast air drying maintenance paints link to Maintenance or for floor coatings follow Jotafloor. For our customers that prefer to relax at the weekends and take to the water Avace can even meet your boat maintenance paint marine requirements, for our recommended systems for Wood, GRP, Aluminium or Steel hulls above or below the water line go to Marine Paints

    Avace is the UKs leading supplier of surface coatings with competitive prices, customer service excellent and a knowledgeable experienced customer service team.

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  • Competitive Marine Paints a lower cost alternative to Chandlers

    Competitive Marine Paints from Avace reduce Paint and Application Costs….

    Competitive Marine Paints from Avace offer significant savings compared to similar products supplied by the majority of Chandlers throughout the UK. Jotun is the leading global supplier of Marine Paints, including Conseal TU fast air drying primer finishes, Jotamastic surface tolerant epoxies and Hardtop two pack polyurethanes. Jotun  develops Marine Paints for above and below the waterline for Steel, Aluminium, Wood and GRP hulls including antifoulings. The complete range of Competitive Marine Paints are now available from Avace for delivery next working day to all marinas throughout the UK.

    Narrowboats over many decades have been protected by blacking and coal tar paints. These products have good water resistance and flexibility, however many manufactures are ceasing to produce them due to health and safety concerns. For the applicator they are slow drying and many coats have to be applied to create adequate protection increasing the total drydocking costs.

    Jotamastic 90 is a high performance surface tolerant epoxy available in Black, Aluminium and an extensive range of colours. The Aluminium colour is normally used as the first coat in a two coat system, although two coats of black may also be applied to simplify the number of products purchased. Up to 300 microns can be applied by airless spray in a single coat, it may also be applied by brush or roller when lower film thicknesses are required. Compared to blacking, less coats are required and the overcoating times significantly reduced. Narrowboats protected with Jotamastic 90 will exhibit excellent resistance to corrosion, impact and abrasion. A wintergrade version is also available for faster drying and overcoating times or for sub zero application temperatures. Jotamastic 90 is available in 5 litre and 20 litre packs. Unlike Blacking Jotamastic 90 may also be used above the water line as a surface tolerant epoxy where blast cleaning may not be possible or over aged sound existing paints. Click on Jotamastic 90 for information on prices and colour availability. Jotamastic 90 may be overcoated with Hardtop two pack polyurethane Marine Paints to produce a durable finish with excellent colour and gloss retention. To select the best two pack polyurethane for your requirements read more at Hardtop Polyurethanes.

    Price, ease of application, speed of drying and overcoating times are the primary considerations for many Narrowboat owners, as well as the final appearance. Through change of ownership it is sometimes difficult to know the type of paint previously used on the metal superstructure and decking, resulting in extended manhours removing or sanding the existing paint to produce a sound surface for repainting. Vinyguard Silvergrey is an ideal tiecoat sealer to bond the new paint system to the old. It may be overcoated with Pilot II for a high gloss air drying  finish or Pioner Topcoat where fast drying and overcoating times are required. Both products are easier to apply by brush or roller and are Competitive Marine Paints available in a wide colour choice. To read more about our range of Marine Paints go to Marine Paints  or call Avace on 01384 400355.

    competitive marine paints Jotamastic 90 Black

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