Retail Building
Bradite One Can available in all the NCS natural colours for walls and ceilings in retail, hotels, commercial and public buildings.
The main colour will be your starting point and it is important to choose a colour that pairs well with the surrounding area and neighbourhood, the secondary colour you choose will give the area a unique and cohesive look. The introduction of new vibrant and tonal colour combinations is already a developing trend in the retail, hotel, and commercial buildings sector. Bradite One Can 6% matt is ideal for walls and ceilings to create distinctive eye-catching point of sale display feature walls
Warm and neural colour combinations with Jotun demidekk paint
The Ultimate product for delivering a long-lasting finish on exterior wood: Jotun Demidekk
Why use ecological paints? Why do they need to be durable? Our climate is changing to more extreme weather conditions with increasing temperatures and rainfall, so as the extreme weather continues to escalate, the need for more durable paints also increases. Additionally, a longer lasting finish will save you time and money in the long run and not to mention precious Earth resources. Style and integrity can be maintained with so many colour combinations to choose from with Jotun Demidekk....
Outdoor Office
Creating the best outdoor garden room using demidekk ultimate wood paint
Using demidekk ultimate? Why create an outdoor garden room? Garden rooms and offices have the potential to add money to your property without the hassle of undertaking an extension. Demidekk paints protects the timber from the elements forming a hard layer over the surface and offers protection from mechanical impact and abrasion.
Uk City air quality
Air pollution nose dives with clean air zones established in readiness for Commonwealth games.
Birmingham Breathes in readiness for the Commonwealth games. While Leeds leads. The United Kingdom has set stringent targets to cut emissions by 2030. The goal is to reduce the harm to human health from air pollution by half. A robust evidence based strategy, backed by the most up to date science is essential to help the…
Orange Accent Wall
The top interior design tip of 2021: creating a feature or accent wall
An accent wall should be used to highlight architectural features such as ornate coving, alcoves, recess walls. Feature walls are great for small spaces. A recent trend, particularly for bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, is to select GrafClean on walls to create style and lighter pastels and whites in  Ecosphere on ceilings for enhanced air purification.....
GrafClean wipeable paint for kids bedroom
Child safe paint: Improve air quality and prevent damp and mould
Why children’s rooms are at risk from pollution and chemicals Remarkedly, we spend one third of our lives in our bedrooms , a living space that can have the worst air quality of any room in our homes. Unknowingly, the bedroom can be full of allergens, dust mites, scents, and chemicals- all of which can…
Air purifying paint for your business
2 new office paints for dealing with city air quality
Pave the way for sustainable business practices and an improved working environment and cleaner air. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is between two and five times worse than outdoor air ,there are many sources of pollution, especially in working environments where multiple people share the same space. Air purity is 2 to 5 times worse indoors than outdoors...
Paint Brush with beige colour swatch
Setting the right tone: eliciting emotions using smart colour combinations
There is a great deal of psychology related to colour combinations and their effects of our mood. Shades within in the red area of the spectrum are known as warm tones, and include reds, yellows and oranges. They can evoke feelings of warmth and wellbeing. Red has the longest wavelength it is a powerful colour with the characteristic of appearing nearer, demanding attention.
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How to select your paint colours: premium paints, 96 artisan colours
The colour palettes have been carefully selected by interior designers and colour experts to create a timeless luxurious paint collection, designed to look beautiful in both traditional and modern homes. Based on natural lime ingredients reinforced with graphene for enhanced flexibility and durability our paints are truly premium paint quality. Choosing an appropriate colour palette for your home can be a daunting task...