How to Maintain Metal Roofs on Farm and Commercial Buildings

Metal Roof

Maintenance and Repair of Traditional Farm Buildings Traditional farmsteads and farm buildings make an important contribution to the remarkably varied character of England’s landscape. These farm buildings help create local identity and local distinctiveness, they also provide tangible evidence of local history and forgotten skills. Retaining such buildings matters because their history tells us of…

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How to Paint Yachts, Cruisers and Narrowboats

Fishing Boat

  Rising Demand results in more boats than ever on our canals and waterways According to The Guardian, there are more boats on canals and rivers than in the 18th century due to people opting to live afloat. Rising house prices and restrictions on overseas travel is leading to a surge in popularity for houseboats.…

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How to make 2021 a Colourful Sustainable Christmas

Christmas Tree Thumbnail

Colours for Christmas According to Christmas tree trends 2021, the colour theme for Christmas this year is all about joyful bright colours in both traditional schemes as well as contemporary alternatives such as Magenta and Oxford Blue or muted colours such as Olive, Argento and Bengal. Sustainability is also a key priority this year. “Everything…

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How to Protect and Decorate Concrete Floors

Bradite Hd Wall And Floor Sml2

Floor coatings are an important part of any residential or commercial building space, they are used for the long-term protection and decoration of floor spaces in warehouses, showrooms, workshops, hospitals and public buildings. Why Protect and Decorate Concrete Floors? Concrete is one of the most durable construction materials around, however it still requires protection from…

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A Time for Change and Action

Sec Conference

How is Climate Change affecting us? Around the world storms, floods and wildfires are intensifying. Air pollution sadly affects the health of tens of millions of people and unpredictable weather causes untold damage to homes, businesses, and livelihoods. The impacts of climate change can be devastating, however advances in tackling the crisis are leading to…

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The Ultimate product for delivering a long-lasting finish on exterior wood: Jotun Demidekk

Warm and neural colour combinations with Jotun demidekk paint

Why use ecological paints? Why do they need to be durable? Our climate is changing to more extreme weather conditions with increasing temperatures and rainfall, so as the extreme weather continues to escalate, the need for more durable paints also increases. Additionally, a longer lasting finish will save you time and money in the long run and not to mention precious Earth resources. Style and integrity can be maintained with so many colour combinations to choose from with Jotun Demidekk….

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How to Renovate Metal Roofs with Elastometal.

ELASTOMETAL- A high performance elastomeric coating designed to waterproof metal roofs and protect against long term corrosion. Guaranteed 10 years. INTRODUCTION Metal sheet roofs are used worldwide to cover warehouses, factories, distribution centres and many other kinds of commercial buildings. They are permanently exposed to the environment subject to extreme conditions and stresses often in…

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5 Tips to Seal & Waterproof Metal Roofs on Commercial Buildings

Waterproof Metal Roofs

What are the types of Metal Roofs? Metal roofs can be made of copper, aluminium, steel, corten and galvanised steel. Copper is extremely long lasting and malleable, unfortunately the resale value has resulted in an increase in vandalisation and theft from commercial property. Aluminium is a light metal easily fabricated with good corrosion properties when…

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Home Delivery Service impresses Scottish Customers……..

Next Day Home Delivery Service throughout the UK from Scotland to Cornwall. Order Online or e-mail your enquiry to All Avace paints are colour matched to RAL, BS and NCS Colours for Next Day delivery. Demidekk Ultimate is the preferred product for Exterior Wood on Decking, Fencing and Timber Buildings.

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