Classical Wallpaper

Our luxury classic wallpapers include vintage and traditional wallpaper designs in a range of colours.

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Classical Wallpaper

Cranford - Cherry Gold

Monroe - Evening Flower

Whitehall - Cassis

Cranford - Wheat

Wrest Trail - Lead

Whitehall - Moutarde

Wrest Trail - Sand

Whitehall - Prussian

Monroe - Night Flower

Monroe - Gold Flower

Cranford - Sky Blue

Wrest Trail - Shoot

Whitehall - Cedar

Wrest Trail - Pink Plaster

Whitehall - Pebble

Wrest Trail - Lime Plaster

Monroe - Dawn Flower

Bayham Abbey - Celestial

Maddox St Medici

Maddox St - Medici

Bayham Abbey Spanish Gold

Bayham Abbey - Spanish Gold

Maddox St Blue Dusk

Maddox St - Blue Dusk

Bayham Abbey Monarch

Bayham Abbey - Monarch

Bayham Abbey Portland

Bayham Abbey - Portland

Borough High Street Beet

Borough High St - Beet

Monroe Pink Flower

Monroe - Pink Flower

Versailles Guilded

Versailles - Guilded

Versailles Royale

Versailles - Royale

Bayham Abbey Citrine

Bayham Abbey - Citrine

Bayham Abbey Meteor

Bayham Abbey - Meteor

Borough High Street Weld

Borough High St - Weld

Versailles Dark Pearl

Versailles - Dark Pearl

Versailles Monument

Versailles - Monument

Versailles Urbane

Versailles - Urbane