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High performance paints for aggressive environments where abrasive blast cleaning may not be practical


  • No abrasive blasting required.
  • High performance above and below the water line
  • High volume solids, low solvent
  • High build products
  • Low cure temperatures
  • Topcoats available in a wide range of colours


  • Norsok system 1, 3B, 4, 7A-7B, 8A
  • Network Rail N1, N2, N9
  • Network Rail M20, M21, M24, M34
  • Highways Item 115 and 116

Jotamastic Surface Tolerant Epoxies

A range of two component polyamine cured epoxy mastic coatings. They are Surface tolerant, abrasion resistant, high solids, high build products. Specifically designed for areas where abrasive blast cleaning may not be possible. Suitable for mechanically prepared steel to St2 (ISO 8501-1:2007), galvanised and stainless steel ,aluminium, concrete and a range of aged coated surfaces. They provide long lasting protection in aggressive environments with high corrosivity C5M (ISO 12944-2) and can be used in immersed environments. Wintergrade versions are available for sub zero temperatures, they may also be used as a durable quick drying floor coating on concrete.

Jotamastic products are primarily designed for maintenance and repair. Recommended for steelwork in offshore environments including splash zones, refineries, power plants, bridges, mining equipment, buildings and general structural steel. In marine applications Jotamastic is ideal for steel hulls below and above the water line and in water ballast tanks. A glass flake version Jotamastic 87GF is available for areas of extreme abrasion and erosion. All topcoats are available in a wide range of semigloss colours, made to order in a minimum quantity of 5 litres, for delivery next working day.

Refer to separate Technical data sheet for each variant.


Technical DataJotamastic 80Jotamastic 87 AlJotamastic 87Jotamastic 87GFJotamastic 90Jotamastic PlusJotamastic Smartpack
 Surface Prep. St2 St2 St2 St2 St2 St2 St2
 Vol Solids 80%  87% 82% 80% 80% 72% 72%
 DFT microns 75-200 150-300 150-300 200-350 100-300 125-300 50-120
 Surface Dry 23c 4hrs 4hrs 7hrs 4hrs  4hrs 4hrs 4hrs
 Overcoating 23c 10hrs 10hrs 10hrs 10hrs  3hrs 7hrs 7hrs
Winter Grade Cure Temp. -5c -5c -5c -5c  -5c 0c 0c



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