Create a lasting impact with Jotun Demidekk ecological paint

Plants On Decking

Why use ecological paints?

Our climate is changing to more extreme weather conditions with increasing temperatures and rainfall, so as the extreme weather continues to escalate, the need for more durable paints also increases. It has been reported by scientists and experts that “within the space of 30 years, the UK has become 0.9C warmer and 6% wetter. As it continues to warm, we are going to see more and more extreme weather such as heatwaves and floods”.

The report also says that 2020 was the third warmest UK year since 1884; all the years in the top 10 are since 2002 and that 2020 was the UK’s fifth wettest year. Six of the 10 wettest years have been since 1998.

If you’re interested in learning more about the changing climate and the importance of ecological paints please take a look here.

Demidekk Ultimate & Infinity for exterior wood protection

Painting Outdoor Woodwork

Demidekk ultimate is a fast-drying water-based paint used to protect exterior wood for up to 12 years on cladding, decking, fences and garden rooms. The combination of high quality binders and weather resistant pigments protects exterior wood against UV sunlight and provides excellent weatherability. It also contains an effective film conserving agent that counteracts mold and fungal growth common in humid climates. It has a rich consistency easy to apply by brush or roller direct to new primed, impregnated or previously stained woodwork.

It’s all about choosing a complimentary colour combination to unite the exterior woodwork and interior. For your windows and doors, Demidekk Infinity is recommended,  it is rain resistant in 1hr and window close dry in 2hrs. It is mould and fungus resistant with self-cleaning properties to maintain colour and gloss.

But what about colour?

Colour Selection and Combinations

The main colour will be the starting point for the look of the house. It is important to choose a colour that pairs well with your surrounding area and neighbourhood. The right colour will also highlight the style of the house.

Add colour to the whole house to transform the vibe of your home. The colour combinations you choose will give the house a unique and cohesive look.

Tranquil and refreshing

Green colours are refreshing and pleasant, they create vibrant colourful homes. Green comes in deep, golden and traditional shades to more muted and modern green hues. Choose a lighter or darker version of the same colour for details and casings. This creates a subdued and cohesive impression. Greyish and golden white tones also pair beautifully with green exterior woodwork. Or for a stark contrast colour combination, choose a Dewy Green doors against a backdrop of Brown Black on walls.

deep green outdoor woodwork durable paint



Keep it light

White, bright and light colours are often chosen for their timelessness, elegance and purity. The colours range from snow-white hues to greyish or golden white tones. All colours will appear brighter and cleaner on an entire wall compared to how they look in a small colour sample. The brightest white tones will look snow-white, while more subdued shades will seem softer.

ecological jotun demidekk paint for a cream colour combination





Trendy optimism

Yellow colours are often used to brighten up a room and make it look energetic and cheerful, it’s brightness also reflects happiness and joy.

Not only does it make a house look more welcoming, but it also makes it look bigger with the brightness it exudes. Another thing that makes yellow a good colour choice is that it goes beautifully with plenty of other colours, including white, orange, green, pink, blue and brown.

Beige Decking




Bold and invigorating

Red colours can be used to evoke a wide range of different emotions but is most often used to add warmth and invigorate the space.

Particularly nice for outdoor decking, deeper reds can contrast nicely with the outdoor plants you may be growing on your decking or the natural green foliage bordering your surrounding the wall.

Red can match a lot of different colours depending on the shade of red you’re going for. A darker red works well with cyan, creamy-white and grey whilst a lighter red works well with beige, light orange and pale-yellow.

Jotun demidekk ultimate for Warm colour combinations using deep red paint


Warm tones and neutral colour combinations

Brown colours evoke the colour of earth and is used to make a space feel deep and relaxing. Suggested colour combinations include grey, metallic silver and darker or lighter browns.





What sizes are available?

Demidekk Ultimate is available in 3Lt and 10Lt packs for the exterior of buildings. Demidekk Infinity in smaller 1lt and 3lt packs for windows and doors. Both products are available in 72  Bespoke Jotun colours, RAL, British Standard and NCS colours. Explore our full colour chart and find your dream colour palette.

Still unsure about which colour to go for? Our top interior design tips for 2021 might just help you establish the complete look you’re going for.

Thinking of painting indoors?

Now you’ve got a killer outdoor finish why not continue indoors…

For easy clean matt finishes our recommendation is GrafClean. A breathable coating that reduces condensation suitable for residential and commercial buildings, it can be applied to most surfaces including plaster, unpainted wallpaper, previously painted services, brick, wood, tiles and metal.

Keeping it eco, GrafClean premium is available in a vast range of bespoke colours in a matt finish. It is available in 0.75lt, 4lt and 15lt packs, tester pots of 100ml are also available for selecting. 

GrafClean is a top rated ecofriendly paint with Graphenstone ecological paints winning the 2021 Marie-Claire award for the best sustainable paint of the year! Fully washable, class 1 breathable and with air-purifying qualities, what’s not to like? Discover all the benefits with this top blog post.

relaxing blue bedroom with ecosphere breathable ceiling paint

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