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Marine Paints
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Marine Paints for all surfaces above and below the waterline

Marine Paints TablesAvace has selected the recommended Marine Paint system for a variety of boats manufactured from GRP, aluminium, steel and wood, for above and below the waterline. Jotun Paints are the global leader in Marine Coatings for boat maintenance and new construction, with an extensive range of air drying and two pack paints for all marine applications and environments. Follow the links for more information on Jotamastic primers and Hardtop topcoats or select your specific product using the search tool.

Topsides and Superstructure

Primers are critical to provide good adhesion and anticorrosion protection. Penguard Primer is the ideal primer for GRP and aluminium boats. Jotamastic 90 aluminium surface tolerant epoxy primer may be applied above or below the waterline on steel boats. Vinyguard Silvergrey 88 is the best wood primer and can be specified as a tiecoat onto existing or unknown painted surfaces. Hardtop Polyurethanes are the preferred topcoats providing excellent durability, colour and gloss retention. Pioner Topcoat or Pilot II air drying finishes may be used as an alternative topcoat for ease of application. 


Below the water line on GRP boats Penguard HB is the preferred primer, for aluminium boats Penguard Primer is recommended above and below the water line overcoated with Penguard HB. On steel boats prime with Jotamastic 90 aluminium overcoated with a tiecoat of Safeguard Universal ES prior to antifouling. On wooden hulls Vinyguard Silvergrey is recommended as the primer and intermediate coats prior to application of the antifouling system. It may also be used as sealer over existing sound coatings. Seaforce 30 is a self polishing antifouling with drydocking intervals of 36 months. Seaforce 60 is recommended for 60 months dry docking intervals and deep sea trade.

Antifouling paints are for professional use only by commercial shipyards and operators. They must be applied in accordance with the HSE regulations and ordered through the customer service department. All other primers, intermediates and topcoats may be ordered online. All topcoats are available in an extensive range of RAL and British Standard Colours, made to order for delivery next working day.

Refer to each separate Technical and MSDS sheets for specific information on each product.

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