High Performance Marine Paints for Steel, GRP, Wood and Aluminium Vessels.

Specifications for Above and Below the Waterline for long term protection of Boats in Immersed and Exposed conditions.

Whatever the substrate AVACE Marine Paints have the solution. Two pack High Build Epoxy Primers for GRP, Aluminium and Steel. Hardtop two pack Polyurethane Topcoats in a range of gloss levels for above the waterline. Vinnyguard Silvergrey tiecoat and Seaforce Antifoulings for below the waterline.

For ease of application on wood vessels Vinnyguard Silvergrey overcoated with Pilot II is recommended for above the waterline and Vinnyguard Silvergrey and Seaforce for below the waterline. To learn how to paint and protect your vessels click here.

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Specifications for Deck Coatings, Hull Blacking and Boot-Toppings.

Marine Primers

Penguard HB is a High Build fast drying Epoxy primer Intermediate with high molecular weight. It is suitable for use on multiple surfaces such as GRP and metal surfaces including aluminium. It is an ideal primer and intermediate coat for use both below and above the waterline.

  • High Build Two Pack Epoxy
  • Fast Drying
  • Suitable on Steel, Aluminium, Concrete and GRP
  • Recommended for Above and Below the Waterline

Jotamastic 87 Aluminium a surface tolerant High Build Abrasion resistant Epoxy for steel. An Epoxy Mastic which can be applied direct to steel without the need for abrasive blast cleaning. A winter grade version is also available for low ambient temperatures.

Jotamastic 90 a surface tolerant High Build Abrasion resistant Epoxy available in a range of colours. Both products are an ideal primer and intermediate coat for use both below and above the waterline.

  • Surface tolerant High Build Two Pack Epoxy
  • Suitable for Steel and previously coated surfaces without the need for abrasive blast cleaning
  • Excellent Abrasion and Corrosion resistance
  • Upgrades existing painted surfaces

Vinyguard Silvergrey is a fast-air-drying Vinyl primer sealer. It is also recommended as a tie coat underwater to bond the Antifouling system to Epoxy primers or to seal previously applied unknown coatings. It is available in aluminium and red tone aluminium when two coats are required.

  • Ideal as a tie coat between Epoxy primers and Seaforce Antifoulings.
  • Suitable as a primer and intermediate coat on wood boats.
  • Excellent water resistance and flexibility.
  • Seals existing painted surfaces

Metaclor Antifouling Primer is a strong, versatile, chlorinated rubber-based marine paint for wood, metal and GRP. It is suitable for narrowboats, cruisers, barges, yachts and marine structures. It can be used above and below the waterline, on mixed material surfaces and over any existing antifouling. It can be overcoated with Antifouling D Plus or Protector II Antifoulings. For Aluminium vessels Antifouling A Plus is recommended.

  • Chlorinated Rubber, with excellent water resistance
  • Ideal for wood, metal and GRP
  • Quick Drying
  • Barrier coat over any existing antifouling
  • Suitable as a primer above and below the waterline

Marine Topcoats

Pilot II is a high gloss Brushing Enamel ideal for both exterior and interior use on suitably primed wood and metal surfaces. It has excellent water resistance as well as exterior durability with good colour and gloss retention. It is a cost effective air-drying Marine Paint which is easy to apply by brush or spray.

It is recommended as a marine topcoat for engines, topside, deck and superstructure.

  • Good Exterior Durability, Water Resistance and Colour Retention
  • Suitable for all primed surfaces
  • Extensive colour choice in a High Gloss finish
  • Easy to apply by brush or spray

Hardtop XP is an Economic High Build two pack Polyurethane marine paint with a Gloss finish for marine infrastructure, offshore equipment, superstructure and topsides. It is easy to apply and provides excellent exterior durability in aggressive C5-M coastal environments. Applied over Epoxy primers and intermediates it has excellent Anticorrosion properties with excellent colour and gloss retention.

Hardtop Flexi (70-85%) and Hardtop HB (30%) are alternative two pack Polyurethanes when a semigloss or matt finish is required. Hardtop CA is an Acrylic Iso-cyanate free two pack Gloss Polyurethane finish.

  • Excellent Mechanical and Chemical Resistance with Excellent Exterior Durability
  • Suitable for C5-M Marine and Offshore environments,Ideal for Marine Topsides and Superstructures
  • Extensive choice of colour and gloss levels

Hull Blacking is a High Quality, Bitumen-based coating for Hulls and Immersed Marine Infrastructure. It is suitable for Narrowboats, Cruisers and any inland waterway vessel.

It can be applied to suitably prepared steel, wood and cast iron and can be used without a primer or undercoat. It can only be over-coated with another bitumen-based products.

  • Excellent water and corrosion resistance.
  • Suitable for wood, steel and cast iron
  • No primers required

Suregrip Anti-slip Deck paint is a High Quality, Durable Anti-slip deck paint improving safety in both wet and dry conditions.

It is suitable for yachts, power boats, narrowboats, cruisers and onshore applications. It provides a rough surface when applied to suitably primed and prepared wood, GRP, concrete, steel and aluminium.

  • Provides superior grip in marine environments
  • Suitable on wood, GRP, concrete, steel and aluminium surfaces
  • Can be used inside and outside where a sure foothold is required

Teamalak High Performance Marine Varnish is a two-pack Polyurethane coating for wood. It provides a scratch resistant Mirror Finish with Excellent UV Resistance. It has an easy clean finish to prevent fungal and algae growth. It is suitable for yachts, power boats, narrowboats and other marine applications.

Teamalak Yacht & Seaplane Varnish is an alternative air-drying yacht varnish, for ease of application on wood.

  • Extremely Durable Polyurethane Scratch Resistant Finish.
  • Recommended on Wood Topsides and Superstructure as a High Gloss Water Resistant Varnish.
  • Excellent Gloss and UV resistance.

Marine Antifouling

Seaforce 30M is a one component High Solids hydrolysing self-polishing Antifouling based on ion exchange technology. It is suitable on approved primers and tie coats, aluminium and steel substrates. Designed for vessels with a wide range of speed and activity.

For vessels with long service periods up to 5 years Seaforce 60M is recommended for long term protection from fouling.

  • Self-Polishing Antifouling
  • Suitable on primed Aluminium and Steel hulls in a variety of operating conditions
  • High Solids High Build Acrylic
  • Fast Drying
  • For long service use Seaforce 60M

Antifouling D plus is a High Performance eroding Antifouling, two coats gives up to 18-24 months fouling protection.

Based on copper oxide boosted with biocides for ultimate power. It is suitable for boats, yachts, barges and commercial vessels with a maximum cruising speed of 30 knots.

It also performs well as a Boottopping due to its harder film matrix. It is compatible with the vast majority of alternate Antifouling paints. For aluminium hulls Antifouling A plus is recommended.

  • Provides 18-24 months protection in the most challenging fouling areas.
  • Ready for launch within 8 hours
  • Suitable for aluminium, steel, wood or GRP hulls
  • Suitable as a Boottopping paint
  • Compatible with most other antifouling paints
  • Apply over MetaClor Primer

Protector II Antifouling is as economical, eroding Antifouling marine paint that offers a combination of good compatibility and economics.

Based on copper oxide, it is suitable for boats or yachts with a cruising speed of 25 to 30 knots.

Suitable for use in all but the most challenging fouling areas.

  • Provides 12 months protection
  • Economic Antifouling system for fresh and brackish water
  • Compatible with most other Antifoulings
  • Apply over MetaClor Primer

Boottopping is an attractive, scrubbable marine topcoat. It is suitable for the splash zone of yachts and cruisers. Available in a range of five marine colours. Recommended over Marine Primer Undercoat.

AVACE donates to the Canals and Rivers Trust, for information on the great charitable work being undertaken by the Canal Trust you can read more here or donate.

  • Provides an attractive, scrubbable hard-wearing surface
  • Durable protection against the elements
  • Suitable for wood, GRP, steel and aluminium