Ecological & Sustainable Masonry Paint for the Green Generation.

Meeting Highest Environmental Standards. Carbon Reduction Paints. Zero VOCs. Absorb CO2

Hardwearing Exterior Durable Finishes. Inspiring Modern & Heritage Colour Combinations. Suitable for Exterior brickwork, Concrete, Stone & Render on Public Buildings, Town Houses Cottages & Period Homes.

By 2030, all new buildings, infrastructure and renovations will have at least 40% less embodied carbon with significant upfront carbon reduction, and all new buildings must be net zero operational carbon. Under the new regulations, CO2 emissions from new build homes must be around 30% lower than current standards and emissions from other new builds, including offices and commercial buildings, must be reduced by 27%.  Initiate your Carbon Reduction journey and achieve your Sustainability Targets with Graphenstone Paints.

Graphenstone Clean Air Paints, Reduced Carbon. No Microplastic.

Ecological and Sustainable Natural Lime Clean Air Paints reinforced with Graphene technology. Air Purification paints for exterior masonry, brickwork, modern and lime renders. Certified to the highest environmental Cradle to Cradle standards meeting the requirements of BREEAM, WELL and LEED building regulations. Child safe with near zero VOCs, absorbing carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, formaldehyde and sulphur dioxide. Breathable vapour open Class 1 coatings, Fire Rated with excellent durability for Urban and Residential Environments. Graphenstone the future for clean air cities and carbon free offices, homes and  public buildings.

Ambient Pro+ is a natural photocatalytic paint with graphene technology. Absorbs CO2 as it cures and  decomposes organic compounds and inorganic gases including CO2, NOx, VOCs and SOx. A highly effective decontaminant of pollutants in our towns and cities. Tested to the highest Class 3 Air purification performance (UNE 22197) reducing and eliminating odours and improving indoor air quality. It achieves the gold standard in Clean Air Paints, rated Cradle to Cradle Gold and Global Green Tag Platinum. Compliant with LEED, BREEAM and WELL building standards. Recommended on exterior, interior walls and ceilings, Ambient Pro+ is the new coatings technology to help achieve Net Carbon Zero in our homes, workspaces and public buildings. Available for free delivery in 1lt and 4lt packs.

  • Absorbs CO2, NOx & SO2. Near Zero VOCs. Carbon Reduction Technology.
  • Natural Lime Paint, no microplastics.
  • Recommended on Lime Rendered Walls.
  • Complies with WELL, BREEAM & LEED.
  • Breathable Class 1 vapour open, reducing condensation.
  • Exterior & Interior. Class A1 Fire Rated.
  • Washable to Class 1 wet scrub ISO 11998.
  • High Solids High Coverage rates 18 m2/lt.
  • Matt easy clean finish in 16 pastel shades.

GrafClean is the most colourful natural mineral paint with graphene technology. A flat 4% matt finish it is certified Toy and Child SafeCradle to Cradle Bronze, awarded Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold. With excellent coverage and depth of colour it is available in an unlimited range of Graphenstone, NCS, RAL, Dulux, Farrow and Ball colours. A hardwearing Class 1 vapour open paint reducing condensation. A Class 1 washable surface, suitable for exterior masonry and interior rendered walls making it perfect for use as an easy clean paint in modern and public buildings, contemporary interiors, offices, kitchens, hallways and other high traffic areas. It is Class 0 and B-s1 d0 fire rated, compliant with LEED, BREEAM and WELL building standards. A safe, natural classic finish recommended for exterior and  interior walls. Available for free delivery in 1lt, 4lt and 10lt packs.

  • Child Safe Paint Indoor Air Comfort Gold.
  • Washable to Class 1 wet scrub ISO 11998. Near Zero VOCs.
  • Natural mineral based paint, no microplastics.
  • Complies with WELL, BREEAM & LEED.
  • Over 1000 colours including NCS, RAL, F&B and Dulux colours.
  • Breathable Class 1 vapour open reducing condensation in kitchens & bathrooms.
  • Interior and Exterior. Class 0, B-s1 d0 Fire Rated.
  • High Solids High Coverage rates 16 m2/lt.

GCS Exterior a natural lime silicate paint with graphene technology. An ultra 2% matt finish with a mineral texture ideally suited for heritage properties, period homes , town houses and commercial buildings. It is a Breathable Class 1 vapour open paint reducing condensation. European A2-s1 do  Fire rated. Meeting the highest environmental standards in Clean Air Paints rated Global Green Tag Platinum and Cradle to Cradle Silver. Compliant with LEED, BREEAM and WELL building standards. Available in an extensive range of Graphenstone heritage colours, GCS Exterior the alternative to Keim for decorating the exterior and interior of heritage properties and commercial buildings to help achieve Net Carbon Zero. Available for free delivery in 0.75lt, 4lt and 15lt packs

  • Near Zero VOCs. Carbon Reduction Technology.
  • Natural Lime Silicate Paint, no microplastics. Ideal on lime render
  • Breathable Class 1 vapour open reducing condensation
  • Exterior & Interior. Euro A2-s1 d0 Fire Rated
  • Washable to Class 1 wet scrub ISO 11998
  • High Solids High Coverage rates 16 m2/lt
  • Wide choice of Heritage & Modern colours

Little Greene Paints

Little Greene Intelligent Masonry is ideal to bring beautiful colour to any exterior brick, stone or rendered wall. Providing 15 years protection in an exterior environment.  It inhibits mould and algal growth. An exterior durable , quick drying masonry paint available in most Little Greene Colours in a 5% matt finish. Odourless and Environmentally compliant it will bring your exterior living spaces to life with vibrant and subtle colours which can be coordinated with your Little Greene interior Paint & Paper. Available for free delivery in 5lt packs. For lime rendered walls  we recommend lime-based paints above.

  • 15 years colour and protection
  • Fast Drying. Easy to Apply
  • Matt 5% Hallmark finish
  • Environmentally friendly & Odourless
  • Inhibits mould & algae
  • Excellent coverage
  • Suitable for brick, stone & rendered walls