Metallic Wallpaper

Our popular metallic wallpapers take some classic designs – plus a few modern ones for good measure – and give them an opulent twist.

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Metallic Wallpaper

Cranford - Cherry Gold

China Rose - Blue Lustre

Asterid - Nightshade

China Rose - French Grey Lustre

Bedford Square - Ebony Gold

Richmond Green - Stella

Sakura - Yellow Lustre

Camellia - Charcoal

Richmond Green - Revival Red

China Rose - Bronze

Camellia - Smalt

Cranford - Sky Blue

China Rose - Emerald Lustre

Richmond Green - Platinum

Brodsworth - Empress

Carlisle Street - Metal

New Bond Street - Burnish

Richmond Green - Revival Blue

Camellia - Teal

Sakura - Metal Lustre

Bayham Abbey - Celestial

Brook House - Palazzo

Pall Mall - Canton Gold

Lower George St - Comet

Pall Mall - Clement

Pavona - Gina

Lower George St - Beryl

Pall Mall Scholar

Pall Mall - Scholar

Lower George St Quartz

Lower George St - Quartz

Maddox St Medici

Maddox St - Medici

Pines Blue Pine

Pines - Blue Pine

Brook Street Etruscan

Brook Street - Etruscan

Borough High Street Stamp

Borough High Street - Stamp

Pines Silver Pine

Pines - Silver Pine

Brook Street Laurel

Brook Street - Laurel

Borough High Street Foil

Borough High St - Foil

Bayham Abbey Spanish Gold

Bayham Abbey - Spanish Gold

Carlton House Terrace Slate

Carlton House Terrace - Slate

Pall Mall Vermeer

Pall Mall - Vermeer

Marlborough Glace

Marlborough - Glace

Pall Mall Brume

Pall Mall - Brume

Wilton Sovereign

Wilton - Sovereign

Lower George St Moonstone

Lower George St - Moonstone

Maddox St Blue Dusk

Maddox St - Blue Dusk

Brook Street Elysian

Brook Street - Elysian

Sakura Aqua Lustre

Sakura - Aqua Lustre

Pines Golden Pines

Pines - Golden Pine

Brook Street Fedora

Brook Street - Fedora

Borough High Street Trace

Borough High St - Trace