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Interior Design Colour Trends

Interior Colour Trends Set to Take 2021 by Storm

  What interior colour trends are new for 2021? A number of major home improvement paint companies and producers of…

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Waterproof Metal Roofs

5 Tips to Seal & Waterproof Metal Roofs on Commercial Buildings

What are the types of Metal Roofs? Metal roofs can be made of copper, aluminium, steel, corten and galvanised steel.…

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Metal Cladding Paint Guide

Avace’s Guide to Metal Cladding Painting on Commercial Buildings

What are the most common types of metal cladding? Metal cladding panels for architectural buildings can be natural metal alloys…

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Painting Decking Unique Garden Space

How Painting Decking Can Help Create a Unique Garden Space in 2021

What are the most common types of decking boards? Decking boards can be made of natural timber, composite boards, PVC…

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Black and White UPVC Painted Doors

Make UPVC Painting Easy With These 5 Tips

What is UPVC Before we can learn about UPVC Painting, it’s best to get a good understanding over the materials…

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Avace Colour Palettes Trees and Windows Painted

Colour Selection, Combinations, And Palettes in 2020

How are colours Defined and Compared? Developed in 1976 the CIE Lab colour space was created to establish a universal…

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Green Masonry Paint Wall

Masonry Paints: The Avace 5 Point Guide

What is Masonry? For as long as there has been masonry there has been masonry paint. Masonry is the group…

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Row Of Colourful Exterior Wood Houses

5 Easy DIY Tips to Protect Exterior Wood at Home

What types of wood can be treated with exterior wood paint? Timbers are defined as hardwoods and softwoods. Softwoods derive…

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Steelmaster Fire Protection for Structural Steel Order Online for Free UK Delivery…

Steelmaster Intumescent Paints. Up to 3 hours fire protection on structural steel. Independently tested by Exova Warrington Fire Research and CE Marked. Environmentally compliant coatings with low VOCs, Free delivery throughout the UK in 1-2 days. Free estimation service from AVACE.

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