Exterior Woodcare

High Design Scandinavian Paints for the Protection and Decoration of Exterior Wood from Extreme Weather.
  • 12 Year Life Expectancy
  • Extensive Colour Choice
  • Self Cleaning and rain resistant in 1Hr
  • Free Delivery
  • Environmental & Sustainable Paints.

Beautiful lasting colours for exterior wood.

Demidekk Ultimate is recommended for use on new primed, primed impregnated, previously stained or painted exterior woodwork. Ideal for the long term protection and decoration of exterior wood with a life expectancy of 12 years. Suppressing mould and fugal growth. It is easy to apply  with a rich consistency, fast drying to a matt finish quickly achieving  water resistance. It is a water based, ecological and sustainable paint with low VOCs. For more information and application tips you can read more here on painting garden rooms and decking.

Demidekk Infinity is a unique self cleaning paint for exterior wood windows & doors. It has superb application properties adapted for painting windows & doors, a fast drying semigloss finish which is rainproof in one hour. Infinity technology provides superior wood protection and the product has excellent colour and gloss durability, keeping the surface look freshly painted for a very long time. It is recommended for planed wood and can be applied to new, previously stained or painted woodwork, as well as impregnated. Also suitable as a topcoat for previously primed gutters, fascia’s made of plastics used on buildings.

Products like Demidekk Ultimate and Demidekk Infinity are unique in they are self priming and are applied direct to wood without the need for a primer, saving time and money. Should extra water resistance be required VISIR pigmented or VISIR clear primer can be used under both products.

Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain is a unique product used to penetrate the wood deeply to highlight the grain, intensify wood tones and change the appearance. Just one coat provides 3 year protection and colour.

What is the difference between Demidekk and wood stains?

A stain penetrates wood deeply to highlight the grain, intensify wood tones and change appearance. Some contain preservatives such as anti-fungal agents and UV stabilisers. They generally quickly fade and require re-staining. Without regular re-staining the timber will discolour, lose strength, absorb moisture, blacken due to fungal growth, crack, warp then rot.

Unlike stain, Demidekk paints protects the timber from the elements forming a hard layer over the surface and offers protection from mechanical impact and abrasion. Exterior wood paint also provides long term weather resistance and has excellent colour and gloss retention when exposed to sunlight. Demidekk Ultimate will protect wood up to 12 years and suppress mould and fungal growth. It can be applied over sound existing stained wood. It is a water-based, ecological and sustainable paint with low VOCs and is available for free delivery in 3lt and 10lt recyclable tubs.

Demidekk Ultimate is available in a new range of 72 high design colours as shown in the Beautiful Lasting Colours brochure. To order these colours online simply enter the code and description in the Search Colour Code and order the required quantity. Your colour reference will included with your order. It is also available in an extensive range of British Standard, RAL and NCS colours. Over 2000 high design colours can be produced for free next day delivery throughout the UK. You can view the bespoke colours on the Demidekk colour brochure here or order RAL, NCS or BS Colours from our colour palettes.

  • Protects exterior wood up to 12 years
  • Excellent colour and gloss retention
  • Suppresses mould and fungal growth
  • Easy to apply over sound existing stained wood
  • Free delivery