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Bradite, RDC and Jotun Floor Paints, fast air drying and two pack epoxy floor coatings. High performance floor paints for every project. Delivered in 1-2 days.

Cost effective flooring systems for concrete, ceramics, steel, asphalt and wood. Suitable for light and heavy traffic in warehouses, factories, showrooms, food processing plants, hospitals and a range of public buildings. High performance, wide colour choice,  easy to apply floor coatings providing long lasting protection and improving the working environment.

The most economic systems are Jotafloor Rapidry and Bradite Floor Paint DP5, fast air drying high quality floor paints, with excellent water and wear resistance for concrete, steel and wooden floors subject to light and medium traffic. It seals concrete and produces a tough hard wearing film which is touch dry in 2 hours and can be exposed to light traffic in 24 hours. Jotafloor Rapidry and Bradite Floor Paint are easy to apply, solvent based floor paints, available from stock in cardinal red and grey or made to order in a wide range of RAL and BS Colours. Jotafloor Rapidry and Bradite Floor Paint are ideal floor paints for regular maintenance when application time and costs are critical factors.

The cost of application is only one factor when selecting the most suitable floor system. Ease of application, the local environment, speed of drying and overcoating, low odour and service life are all considered.

Bradite Floor-IT and Monofloor, fast air drying water based floor paints, easy to apply and overcoat, with low odour and zero solvent emissions. Available for next day delivery in an extensive range of RAL , NCS and British Standard colours. Ideal for garages, workshops and production halls with medium traffic.

Bradite Rapid PW74 is the only fast air drying single pack floor system suitable for heavy traffic. Bradite Rapid is a high performance hard wearing polyurethane gloss finish, for concrete, steel and wood, touch dry in 2 hours and fork lift traffic ready in 48 hours. Bradite Rapid is easy to apply and available in a wide range of RAL and BS colours. Bradite Rapid is an economic alternative to two pack epoxy floor paints which often require longer drying and overcoating intervals, and may also require greater care when mixing and during application. Bradite Rapid Clearcoat is available should only a concrete sealer be required.

Clearcoats are mainly used as a primer sealer coat on porous concrete surfaces to penetrate the concrete and provide a superior bond between the substrate and the floor coating system. For power floated concrete the recommended primer sealer system is Bradite Floor Primer ES40, a two pack water based low odour primer. It may be overcoated with Bradite HD Wall & Floor EW99, a low odour two pack water based epoxy primer, a high durability floor paint ideal for heavy traffic and hygiene sensitive areas in food processing plants, schools and hospitals. For porous concrete Bradite HD Wall & Floor may be thinned and used as the primer sealer prior to applying a full coat of Bradite HD Wall & Floor. An economic alternative is RD Coatings two pack water based epoxy Hydropox available in an extensive range of RAL Classic and NCS colours for next day delivery.

Clearcoats may also be used for both the primer sealer and as the topcoat to reduce concrete dust and capture the urban appeal of the concrete finish. Many urban warehouse conversions are adopting this clear floor coating system. Hydrograff HP is an economic hard wearing non yellowing clearcoat. Hydrograff HP is a  water based low odour two pack polyurethane paint which also has excellent antigraffitti properties. Hydrograff HP is also available in a range of gloss levels in a wide range of RAL and NCS colours.

Specialty floor coatings are available for a range of applications and environments. An ideal floor coating for existing intact floor paints which require maintenance and upgrading to a hard wearing epoxy system, is Jotamastic 90 Winter Grade. A surface tolerant two pack epoxy system which may be applied onto aged alkyd, acrylic or two pack paints without lifting the old paint. It is a hard wearing, cost effective high build floor paint, suitable for heavy traffic.

Areas which are potential slip hazards around stairways, ramps, walkways , machinery or yards should be protected with Coovar Suregrip, it is an aggregated floor paint with excellent antislip properties suitable for use internally or externally. Coovar Guardcoat is a unique water based antibacterial coating which supresses MRSA and E-Coli, ideal for use as a wall and floor coating in hygiene controlled environments such as hospitals and food processing plants.

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