Extending the life of your products in Aggressive Industrial and Immersed Marine Environments.
Leading Brands made in the West Midlands

Fast Air Drying and Two Pack Anti Corrosion Primers. Extending the life of your products and infrastructure. Primers for all applications including exposed and immersed conditions.

Zinga the alternative to galvanizing, a fast air drying zinc rich (96%) paint for steelwork in aggresive  C5-M environments and agricultural equipment. Pilot QD Zinc Phosphate fast air drying primer for steel, approved as a fire protection primer under Steelmaster Intumescent paints. Barrier Zinc Rich Epoxy primer for steel in offshore and marine C5-M environments. Penguard high build fast air drying two pack epoxy primers and intermediate coats including micaceous iron oxides. Providing long term anticorrosion properties on equipment, fabrications and steel constructions. Penguard HB and Primer , multisurface primers for GRP and Stainless Steel suitable for immersed conditions. Jotamastic surface tolerant epoxies where blast cleaning is not economic or practical. Suitable for exposed and immersed conditions in marine and offshore environments. Norsok approved. VISIR water repelling wood primers for exterior wood.

  • Zinga Galvanising Primer
  • Pilot QD Fast Air Drying Zinc Phosphate
  • Barrier Zinc Rich Fast Drying Epoxy
  • Penguard Two Pack High Build Fast Drying Epoxies
  • Jotamastic Surface Tolerant Epoxies. No Blasting Required
  • VISIR Wood Primers