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UPVC is an energy efficient hard recyclable plastic commonly used in construction to manufacture rainwater products, windows and doors as an alternative to wood or aluminium. Most windows supplied throughout the 1980’s were white UPVC! Over time white UPVC stains and discolours and can look tired and unsightly after many years.

Home owners and DIY enthusiasts are looking to upcycle these mainly white UPVC windows and doors to more fashionable high design  colours without the need for the high cost of  replacement.Most traditional UPVC paints will require an adhesion promoting primer prior to the application of the topcoat, sufficient time must be left for drying between coats. This can delay completion of a project, increase costs and waste. To learn how to make UPVC painting easy, read our blog here.

Selemix Direct is the ultimate product for repainting UPVC windows & doors. A two pack polyurethane finish with excellent adhesion and long term colour and gloss retention. It is recommended by professional contractors. A fast drying high build durable exterior paint which is available in a range of gloss levels and colours. A high performance polyurethane paint for faster painted windows and doors with a life expectancy in excess of 10 years.

It can be applied direct to upvc windows and doors, guttering, building plastics and metals without the need for additional primers or adhesion promoters.

Selemix Direct is available in 10%, 30%, 50% and 80% gloss finishes in an extensive choice of colours from the RAL Classic and British Standard ranges. It is supplied in 5lt and 20lt packs including hardener to simplify mixing 1 part  hardener to 4 parts base.

Bradite One Can is recommended for customers seeking a simple fast air drying solution for painting upvc windows and doors.

Bradite One Can is a unique air drying UPVC Paint for upcycling UPVC windows and doors. It is self priming and provides excellent adhesion direct to UPVC windows and doors, guttering, building plastics, joinery, masonry and metals without the need for additional primers or adhesion promoters. The perfect multipurpose product for home and trade. It is touch dry in 30 minutes and two coats can be applied in an hour.

Bradite One Can is easy to apply by brush, roller or spray. An economic alternative to Kolorbond and Zinsser. It is available for free delivery in an extensive range of RAL, NCS and British Standard colours in  an Eggshell (25%) or Matt (6%) finish in 1lt, 2.5lt and 5lt packs.

Demidekk Infinity is a unique self cleaning paint for exterior wood windows & doors. It has superb application properties adapted for painting windows & doors, a fast drying semigloss finish which is rainproof in one hour. Infinity technology provides superior wood protection and the product has excellent colour and gloss durability, keeping the surface look freshly painted for a very long time. It is recommended for planed wood and can be applied to new, previously stained or painted woodwork, as well as impregnated. Also suitable as a topcoat for previously primed gutters, fascia’s made of plastics used on buildings.

For information on colour combinations and inspirational ideas you can read more here or visit avacedesign on Instagram.