A two pack fast drying waterbased antigraffiti coating

Coovar Antigraffiti WB101 is for interior and exterior use, and can be used as a topcoat over compatible coloured paints to provide final antigraffiti properties. An easy to clean low odour coating ideal for hygiene sensitive areas, hospitals and public buildings drying to produce a clear hard semigloss easy clean surface.




Coovar WB101 Anti-Graffitti Coating is a two pack, water bourne, polyurethane coating which acts as a sealer  allowing the easy cleaning and removal of graffiti with solvent based products. Coovar WB101 Anti-Graffitti is a high performance water based coating with low odour excellent for use on walls and surfaces around hospitals, schools and other public buildings. It demonstrates exceptional anti graffitti characteristics it dries to a clear off gloss finish and is ideal for use on concrete, wood, brick, masonry, wood or plaster Coovar WB101 Antigraffitti Paint can be applied by spray, brush or roller up to 40 microns per coat.

Surface Preparation

Concrete and Masonry:  Surface to be clean and dry, free from oil grease and other contaminants.
Power floated or smooth surfaces to be mechanically abraded or acid etched for adhesion.

Technical Data

Download Datasheet Base:
Download Datasheet
Download Datasheet

Volume Solids (ISO 3223):  55%
VOC Content:  10g/lt
Flash point (ISO 3679):  Non Flammable
Dry Film thickness:  70-100 microns
Wet Film thickness:  185 microns
Theoretical coverage:  5-7 sq m/kg
Touch Dry 20c:  1-2 hrs
Hard Dry 20c:  24 hrs
Pot Life 20c:  2-3 hrs
Thinner:  Clean water
H&S:  Observe the precautionary information on the container. Refer to MSDS for full details on health and safety and storage regulations.


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