Self Cleaning Exterior Durable Wood Paint.

12 Yrs Life Expectancy on Doors & Windows. Excellent colour and gloss retention. Rain Resistant in 1 Hr.

Developed in Norway. Made in the UK. Fast Air Drying. Easy to Apply. Recommended over Visir primer. Free Next Day Delivery on all RAL, NCS and British Std colours.

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Demidekk Infinity is a unique Self Cleaning Paint for Doors and Windows. A High Performance Scandinavian Wood Paint with excellent colour and gloss retention, providing long lasting protection.

Rain resistant in 1 Hr and window close dry in 2 Hrs. Mould and fungus resistant with Self Cleaning properties to maintain Colour and Gloss for up to 12 years on windows and doors.

Demidekk Infinity is fast drying for speed of application. Rain resistant in 1 hour and windows may be closed in two hours. Unique self cleaning properties maintains a fresh appearance with  excellent colour and gloss retention.

Demidekk Infinity is a water vapour permeable coating especially suited on previously stained wood, planed and sawn wood. It contains film conserving agents that resist mould and black fungal growth caused by condensation.

This exterior wood durable paint is easy to apply by brush, roller or spray. It produces a weather resistant, durable coating with excellent resistance to mould. An ideal home improvement paint for exterior doors, windows and architraves. Specified by leading architects.

This self cleaning wood paint can be applied on treated wood, fungus infected surfaces, impregnated wood. These surfaces should be initially treated with Visir primer and overcoated with Demidekk Infinity.

Demidekk Infinity is available in high design semi-matt finishes (50%) from the RAL Classic, British Std and NCS Colour ranges. Order online for next day delivery to your home.


Demidekk Infinity is a fast drying water based paint for long term protection of exterior wood. It exhibits excellent colour stability and durability for up to 12 years on exterior Doors and Windows.

The combination of high quality binders and weather resistant pigments protects wood against sunlight and provides excellent weatherability, colour and gloss retention.

A unique Self Cleaning window and door paint which prevents dirt pick up and maintains a fresh appearance for reduced maintenance.

Demidekk Infinity contains effective film conserving agents that counteract mould growth on the wood and resists black fungus and algae. A Self cleaning Window and Door paint which is easy to apply by brush or roller.

It has a rich consistency, drying quickly and is rain resistant in one hour.It can be applied over VISIR primer or as a topcoat over existing painted surfaces. Suitable for application by roller, brush or spray.

Demidekk Infinity produces a subtle semi-matt finish and is available in RAL Classic, NCS and British Standard colours for next day delivery to your home. It is recognised by the Norwegian Environmental labelling system The Swan as a compliant coating.

Surface Preparation

Wood: Remove sharp edges and splinters using wire brush or abrasive pads. Surface to be clean, dry and undamaged compatible coating, free from oil grease and other contaminants.

Painted surfaces: Surface to be clean, dry and undamaged compatible coating, free from oil grease and other contaminants.

Technical Data

Download Datasheet Download Datasheet

Volume Solids (ISO 3223):  38%
VOC Content:  75 g/lt
Dry Film thickness:  48-63 microns
Wet Film thickness:  125-167 micron
Theoretical coverage:  6-8 sq m/lt
Touch Dry 23c:  30 mins
Overcoat 23c:  2 hrs
Nozzle tip:  18 thou

Pressure at nozzle:  1500psi


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