Ecological & Sustainable Primers.
Overcoat with Air Purity and Easy Clean Paints.

Class 1 Breathable.
Reduces Condensation.
Class 0 Fire Rated.
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Filler 4l


A mineral primer enhanced with graphene technology ideal for irregular surfaces and filling surface cracks up to 1mm. Suitable for use as a primer filler on walls and ceilings on interior and exterior buildings. It may be used as a primer filler under all Graphenstone Air Purity and Easy Clean Paints. It allows the substrates to breathe, prevents condensation, homogenizing the repaired surfaces and prevents cracking of the subsequent topcoat.

  • Mineral primer with graphene for enhanced flexibility
  • Fills and seals cracks up to 1mm. Reduces unsightly cracking of finish paints.
  • Allows the substrate to breathe and reduce condensation
  • Suitable for interior and exterior decoration
  • Improves the material utilisation of subsequent topcoats
  • Can be overcoated with all Air Purity and Easy Clean paints
  • Excellent coverage and adhesion to homogenize surfaces

Technical Data

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Gloss level: Matt
Volume Solids (ISO 3223): 32%
VOC Content: <1 g/lt
Theoretical Coverage per coat: 5-7 m2/lt
Overcoat 25c: 4-6 hrs


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