Elastometal an Elastomeric Anticorrosion Waterproofing paint the Economic alternative to Noxyde. Available next day in an extensive range of RAL & NCS Colours. Free Delivery.

Elastometal has a life expectancy of over 15 years in C5-M coastal and Industrial environments and 25 years in C4 Heavy Industrial environments.

A Surface Tolerant primer finish it requires no abrasive blast cleaning, simply prepare the surface using high pressure water jetting. No additional primers are required.

An Anticorrosion and Waterproofing Paint it is recommended for the renovation of metallic roofs in aggressive industrial locations.

A Waterbased Elastomeric Coating it is an advanced environmentally compliant technology with zero solvent emissions and low odour.

Elastometal has greater than 200% elasticity to allow expansion and contraction of metal panels. A flexible fleece is available for reinforcement in areas of overlapping panels, seams and large joints.

Available for free next day delivery in a wide range of RAL and NCS colour tones in a satin (15%) finish.




RD Coatings Elastometal is for the renovation of metallic roofs in aggressive industrial and marine environments. For sale to Professional roofing contractors only. Elastometal has excellent elasticity and anticorrosion properties, it is easy to apply without the need for abrasive blast cleaning. Elastometal is a Fast Drying water based coating and recommended as a maintenance roof coating for steel, cast iron, CorTen steel, weathered galvanised steel, aluminium, and plastisol coil coated sheets. Available in an extensive range of RAL & NCS colours in a satin(15%) finish.

Elastometal is a fast drying single pack waterbased anticorrosion and waterproofing primer finish for the restoration of metal roofs. It is suitable for harsh industrial and C5 marine environments, two coats at 175 microns dft, with a life expectancy of over 15 years. The elasticity is >200% preventing film defects on roofing subject to broad and frequent temperature changes. It is exterior durable without the need for abrasive blast cleaning on roofing and cladding. It can be applied by Airless spray, brush or roller on all types of substrates. Two coats are recommended on cast iron, steel and old galvanised roofs.

Elastometal is a single pack primer finish a cost effective solution for the renovation of metal roofing and cladding.  It may be applied to CorTen steel, cast iron, aluminium, weathered galvanised steel sheets, plastisol and polyester powder coated sheet. It is a cost effective solution when renovating warehouses, factories, roofing and cladding. It can be applied in thick layers by airless spray, two coats of 175 µ dft each ar required to achieve a long lasting protection

Surface Preparation

Carbon Steel: Minimum St2 (ISO 8501-1), no abrasive blast cleaning required.

Old Galvanised steel: Surface to be clean and dry with a rough dull surface

New Galvanised steel: Use Multiprim primer

Aluminium: Surface to be clean and dry, abrade with non metallic abrasives or pads

Painted surfaces: Surface to be clean, dry and undamaged compatible coating, free from oil grease and other contaminants.

Technical Data

Download Datasheet Download Datasheet

Volume Solids (ISO 3223): 56%

VOC Content: 8 g/lt

Flash point (ISO 3679): Non Flammable

Dry Film thickness: 350 microns

Wet Film thickness: 625 microns

Theoretical coverage: 8400g/sq m per 350 micron coat

Touch Dry 23c: 3 hrs

Overcoat 23c: 6 hrs

Nozzle tip: 15-23 thou

Pressure at nozzle: 2100psi,

Thinner: Water for airless spray only (3%)

H&S: Observe the precautionary information on the container. Refer to MSDS for full health and safety information and storage regulations.


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