Selemix Acrylic Topcoat 7-110 a fast drying high gloss two pack polyurethane topcoat

It has very good corrosion resistance, excellent abrasion resistance and colour retention. Selemix Acrylic topcoat is is recommended as a topcoat in C5-M environments, available in a wide range of RAL and British standard colours in an automotive grade finish.

All RAL, NCS & British Standard colours are available in a high gloss finish. Follow the link for the full RAL and BS range.




Selemix Acrylic Topcoat is a high gloss chemical resistant two pack acrylic finish suitable as a topcoat in a range of Industrial environments. Selemix Acrylic Topcoat is available in a wide range of colours with excellent colour and gloss retention. It can be applied by Airless or Conventional spray and is an ideal high performance topcoat over Selemix Epoxy and Polyurethane primers when a durable gloss finish with excellent flow, chemical and weather resistance is required.

Selemix Acrylic Paint is a fast drying two pack high gloss acrylic finish recommended for use in atmospheric environments for application over suitably primed substrates.  It is recommended for corrosion protection and weathering in aggressive environments for industrial & construction equipment, agricultural equipment, earthmoving equipment, building products and structural steel. Two coats are recommended applied up to 50 microns dry film thickness, allow 10 minutes flash off between coats.

Surface Preparation

Painted surfaces: Surface to be clean, dry and undamaged compatible coating, free from oil grease and other contaminants. Recommended over Selemix Epoxy primer 7-413 or Polyurethane primer 2-705.

Technical Data

Download Datasheet Download Datasheet

Volume Solids (ISO 3223): 40% Ready for use.
VOC Content: 540 g/lt
Flash point (ISO 3679): 25c
Dry Film thickness: 30-40 microns
Wet Film thickness: 75-100 microns
Theoretical coverage: 8 sq m/lt
Mix Ratio: 5:3 (Hardener 9-080)
Pot Life 20c: 2 hrs
Touch Dry 20c: 10mins
Nozzle tip: Airless 9-11 thou, 1.3-1.6mm conventional
Pressure at nozzle: Airless 2000psi, 50psi Conventional
Thinner: No. 1-430
Technical: See Selemix full TDS for further information on mixing and application

H&S: Observe the precautionary information on the container. Refer to MSDS for full health and safety details and storage regulations.


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