Striped Wallpaper

This range of striped wallpapers provide a great way of accentuating height or making rooms appear wider or taller – or even scaling them down.

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Striped Wallpaper

Carlisle Street - Gentle Grey

Carlisle Street - Oak Apple

Carlisle Street - Solstice

Carlisle Street - Orchard

Maddox St Medici

Maddox St - Medici

Maddox St Blue Dusk

Maddox St - Medici

Elephant Stripe Storm

Elephant Stripe - Storm

Colonial Stripe Classic Blue

Colonial Stripe - Classic Blue

Tailor Stripe Corn

Tailor Stripe - Corn

Ombre Plain Carmine

Ombre Plain - Carmine

Colonial Stripe Soda

Colonial Stripe - Soda

Tailor Stripe Taupe

Tailor Stripe - Taupe

Ombre Plain Harbour

Ombre Plain - Harbour

Lauderdale Chateau

Lauderdale - Chateau

Tented Stripe Eau De Nil

Tented Stripe - Eau De Nil

Ombre Plain Salix

Ombre Plain - Salix

Tented Stripe Scandinavian

Tented Stripe - Scandinavian

Ombre Stripe Lichen Doric

Ombre Stripe - Lichen/Doric

Broad Stripe Calcare

Broad Stripe - Calcare

Cavendish Stripe Brush Red

Cavendish Stripe - Brush Red

Maddox St Georgian

Maddox St - Georgian

Ombre Stripe Soapstone Doric

Ombre Stripe - Soapstone/Doric

Broad Stripe Fondre

Broad Stripe - Fondre

Elephant Stripe Bright White

Elephant Stripe - Bright White

Paint Spot Custard Apple

Paint Spot - Custard/Apple

Broad Stripe Forum

Broad Stripe - Forum

Elephant Stripe Salvia

Elephant Stripe - Salvia

Broad Stripe Lilac Grey

Broad Stripe - Salvia

Paint Spot Strawberry Cream

Paint Spot - Strawberry Cream

Elephant Stripe Slip

Elephant Stripe - Slip

Colonial Stripe Chimney

Colonial Stripe - Chimney

Tailor Stripe Bakerloo

Tailor Stripe - Bakerloo

Ombre Plain Bone China

Ombre Plain - Bone China

Colonial Stripe Morocco

Colonial Stripe - Morocco

Tailor Stripe Pastel

Tailor Stripe - Pastel

Ombre Plain Doric

Ombre Plain - Doric

Tented Stripe Dawn

Tented Stripe - Dawn

Ombre Plain Old Gold

Ombre Plain - Old Gold

Lauderdale Villa

Lauderdale - Villa

Tented Stripe Rubine Ashes

Tented Stripe - Rubine Ashes

Ombre Plain Seashell

Ombre Plain - Seashell

Cavendish Stripe Brush Blue

Cavendish Stripe - Brush Blue

Lauderdale Stone

Lauderdale - Stone

Ombre Stripe Scree Harbour

Ombre Stripe - Scree/Harbour

Broad Stripe Column

Broad Stripe - Column

Cavendish Stripe Brush Stone

Cavendish Stripe - Brush Stone

Ombre Stripe Vista Seashell

Ombre Stripe - Vista/Seashell

Broad Stripe Fontana

Broad Stripe - Fontana

Elephant Stripe Saffron

Elephant Stripe - Saffron

Paint Spot Snowball

Paint Spot - Snowball

Broad Stripe Icing

Broad Stripe - Icing

Elephant Stripe Sharp Stone

Elephant Stripe - Sharp Stone

Broad Stripe Menthe

Broad Stripe - Menthe

Paint Spot Vanilla Taupe

Paint Spot - Vanilla/Taupe

Maddox St Blue Dusk

Maddox St - Blue Dusk